What is Sever's Disease ?

Sever's Disease (sometimes referred to as "Calcaneal Apophysitis") is probably the most common cause of heel pain in children. It occurs when there is damage (usually from tension) to the growth plate in the heel. It can cause pain in one or both heels often causing the child to limp and complain of pain (sometimes they whine for a reason!). It is most common in active boys between the ages 10-13 however it usually stops by the age of 15 when the growth plate fuses together.


How is the Child's Heel different from the Adult Heel ?

The heel bone (calcaneus) in a child is not yet fully developed. It has a growth plate near where the Achilles tendon attaches to it. This allows the foot to get bigger as the child grows (as long as you keep feeding them!).


What are the Signs and Symptoms of Sever's Disease ?

The most common symptoms Sever's Disease are:

    • Limping
    • Pain at the back of the heel (near the insertion of the achilles tendon)

What are the Treatment Options for Sever's Disease ?

At Irymple Foot Clinic we suggest the most simple, least expensive methods to help give you relief and keeps you on your feet. Some of the treatments that may be suggested to you are:

Read our article on Children's Foot Problems or for more information look at our brochures on Children's Feet or Sever's Disease.

Your heel pain may be caused by something else so if you are not getting any better please make an appointment at Irymple Foot Clinic!

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