What is Arthritis of the feet ?

Arthritis is a broad term for a number of conditions that destroy the workings of a normal joint.

See Arthritis Victoria website

Arthritis of the feet is very common and can occur at any age. Arthritic feet may be painful and/or look unattractive. It may also make it hard to fit your feet into shoes.

What can Arthritic changes in the feet be caused by ?

      • Osteoarthritis (the wear and tear type of arthritis)
      • Gouty Arthritis
      • Rheumatoid Arthritis
      • Psoriatic Arthritis
      • Other forms of arthritis

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Arthritis in the feet ?

      • Pain in the joints
      • Redness, swelling and/or tenderness
      • Prominent lumps and bumps

What are the Treatment Options for Arthritis of the feet ?

At Irymple Foot Clinic we suggest the most simple, least expensive methods to help give you relief and keep you on your feet. Some of the treatments that may be suggested to you are:

      • Advice on footwear
      • Advice on exercises
      • Advice on pain relief
      • Pressure relief padding and/or custom orthotic devices
      • Referral to a specialist (if appropriate)

Your "arthritis" may be something else so if you are not sure or still having problems please make an appointment to see us at Irymple Foot Clinic!