What is a fungal toenail infection ?

Toenails can commonly become infected with fungus spores, the most common being called dermatophytes. This can cause the toenails to change their appearance, they most commonly become thick, yellowing and crumbly however they can also get a thin white covering (superficial white mycosis). Fungal toenail infections occur commonly with tinea (fungal infection) of the skin of the feet. It is important to have a sample of the affected toenail taken and sent to pathology for testing as there are many other conditions that can mimic a fungal infection of the toenails. Click HERE for our brochure on Fungal toenails.Fungal Infection

What are the most common symptoms of fungal infection of the toenails ?

  • Thickening of the toenail
  • Lifting of the toenail
  • Yellowing of the toenail
  • Thin white flaky layer on top of the toenail

What are the treatment options for a fungal infection of the toenails ?

There are many commercially available products to treat fungally infected toenails. At Irymple Foot Clinic we commonly recommend "Loceryl Nail Lacquer" for toenails that have been proven to be fungally infected which is available over the counter at your local pharmacy. Currently it is recommended that you treat all nails (even if only one or two seem to be infected) twice a week. Alternatively your general practitioner may prescribe you an oral medication to treat the condition such as "Lamasil Oral" however it is imortant that you keep in contact with your doctor whilst being treated with this medication.

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