Choosing Shoes


Questions to ask yourself when choosing shoes 


•   For what purpose do you want to use the shoes?

•   For how long will you be wearing them?

•   Where will you be wearing them?

•   How far will you be walking in these shoes?


If you are planning to go for a long bush walk or just a regular shopping trip you may be surprised just how much distance you cover.


The Ideal Shoe Has.........


•   A Firm heel counter (to help control the foot)Choosing Shoes

•   Laces, Velcro or buckles to secure the foot & help prevent slippage

•   A Deep and wide toe box (wiggle your toes)

•   A Bend only at big toe joint (assist "toe off" action)

•   Not too much sideways twist (maintain stability)

•   Low stable heel (maintain stability / prevent falls)

•   Shock absorbing, non-slip sole (help prevent falls)

•   Natural materials, including lining (breathability)

•   A removable insole (helps fit custom insoles)


 Remember these tips when choosing shoes


  • Purchase shoes in the afternoon when your feet may be slightly larger!
  • Take appropriate socks and your custom insoles with you to the shoe store.
  • Leave a ½ to 1 thumb’s width of empty space at the end of your longest toe.
  • Never “wear shoes in” they should be comfortable immediately.
  • Beware of shoes that hurt – take them to your Podiatrist and ask for advice.
  • Keep your shoe box, sales receipt, don’t damage or soil shoes and ask the shoe shop if they are okay if you return them if your Podiatrist disapproves.


Irymple Foot Clinic Podiatrists can give you advice on the most appropriate footwear for you. We take into consideration factors such as your foot shape and medical conditions that may affect your feet. If you are unsure if you have the right shoes or think they may be causing your foot problem then make an appointment with one of our friendly Podiatrists by calling 5024 6333.


To download our printable Information Sheet on Choosing Shoes click HERE!