What are cracked heels?

Cracked heels usually occur in adults especially those who wear open backed shoes or no shoes in hot/dry climates. In the older adult the skin does not moisturise itself as well as it did when it was younger and therefore becomes more prone to damage (mechanical and otherwise).

What can cause cracked heels?

  • Wearing no shoes for extended periods of time especially in hot/dry climates (like the Mildura / Sunraysia area)
  • Dry skin on the feet either due to a co-existing medical problem or just as a natural part of getting older

What are the signs and symptoms of cracked heels?

  • Pain and tenderness on walking
  • Visible cracks/fissures in heels (sometimes they can look dark, dirty and unsightly)
  • Redness and/or Bleeding around the heels (with or without associated pus)

What are the treatment options for cracked heels?

  • Regular self treatment using a foot file and heel balm
  • Debridement by a Podiatrist
  • Medical grade tissue glue (Histoacryl) used by a Podiatrist
  • Avoid going bare feet for extended periods especially in hot/dry climates (like Mildura!)
  • Application of an Emollient heel balm

What you think is cracked heels may be something else more serious, so if you are unsure please make an appointment to see us at Irymple Foot Clinic!

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