What is Foot Odour?

Foot odour is caused by bacteria breaking down excessive perspiration on the feet. The feet have over 250,000 sweat glands and produce approximately 500ml of sweat per day between them! Excessive sweat along with a dark, warm environment (i.e. inside a shoe) provides the ideal environment for bacteria growth. The by-product of this bacteria growth is the bad odour which can be embarrassing and prevent you from enjoying the activities you normally would. For more information Click HERE for our brochure on Foot Odour.

What are the Treatment Options for Foot Odour ?

At Irymple Foot Clinic we suggest the most simple, least expensive methods to help give you relief and keep you on your feet. Some of the treatments that may be suggested to you are:

Your foot odour may be a sign of a more serious problem so if you are not sure or still having problems please make an appointment to see us in person at Irymple Foot Clinic!

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