What are corns or callus?

Corns and Callus are hard, thickened areas of skin caused by excessive pressure and/or friction. Because corns and callus are caused by pressure and/or friction they can't be completely cured by surgically cutting them out or putting commercially available "corn cure" or "medicated corn pads" on them (which contain acid). They can however be effectively treated by our podiatrists to help keep you mobile.

What is the difference between corns and callus ?

Corns are a concentrated area of callus with a central core. There are many different types of corns including hard, soft and seed corns. They commonly occur on top of toes, between toes and under the ball of the foot. Callus is usually over a broader area like under the ball of the foot or around the heels. Sometimes callus around the heels can crack, bleed and become infected.

What can cause corns and callus?

      • Pressure and/or friction from footwear (socks or shoes) on the feet
      • Pressure and/or friction on the feet from the ground from standing and/or walking

What are the most common symptoms of corns & callus ?

    • Pain and Tenderness
    • Inflammation/redness of the skin
    • Burning (especially under the ball of the foot)
    • Thickened yellowing skin

What are the treatment choices for Corns and Callus ?

At Irymple Foot Clinic we suggest the most simple, least expensive methods to help give you relief and keep you mobile. Some of the treatments that may be suggested to you by your podiatrist are:

    • Debridement by the Podiatrist
    • Self treatment by filing down using emery board or special Foot File
    • Application of an emolient foot cream such as Podiatrist's Own Heel Balm
    • Application of pressure relief padding /cushioning
    • Application of Tubular foam padding
    • Footwear advice
    • Custom padded Insoles
    • Biomechanical Orthotic Devices (Orthoses)

Corn Before & after treatment by our podiatrists


What you think are corns and/or callus may be something else more serious, so if you are unsure please make an appointment to see us at Irymple Foot Clinic!